About Stoltz One Trading


Stoltz One™ Trading is an international trading company that develops and operates businesses in the USA, Japan, Switzerland and South Africa.


Founded by Leon Stoltz in Atlanta, Georgia over 20 years ago, Stoltz One™ Trading, initially operated as a solo enterprise staffed by freelancers and consultants working on a project by project basis. 

Leon later moved to Tokyo, Japan where he lived and worked for three years while he built the Japanese division of the company, Storutzu K.K. with his business partners and clients which included the Japanese government, who Leon still maintains a solid business relationship with.

In 2019, Leon moved to South Africa, his home country, and set up the headquarters of Stoltz One™ Trading in Cape Town, where all operations are now centralised. 

Our current activities go beyond traditional trading operations to include FMCG, business and brand development, integrated marketing, research and development, sourcing and supply operations and working on strategic projects in collaboration with our trusted partners and loyal clients around the globe.

We are committed to growing our businesses while delivering excellent client service and contributing to a prosperous society.



Our medical supply division sources and supplies retailers, corporations, governments and private buyers with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable 3-ply and N95 face masks, gloves, surgical gowns and medical coveralls as well as hand sanitiser, rapid test kits and non-contact thermometers.


Through its about you™, the business development and integrated marketing division of Stoltz One™, we assist our clients with strategic growth in the direction of their goals. From entrepreneurs, to small, medium or micro-enterprises (SMMEs), multinational companies or global corporations interested in increasing profitability and market share, breaking into new markets or expanding their brands, its about you™ creates and executes strategies that take companies closer to their personal definition of success.


We conduct in-depth research projects to find the best positioning for FMCG brands in local or international markets. Once we understand the desired target market, we create personalised strategies to build a path to the level of success and market share that our clients desire.


With strong networks in Atlanta, Tokyo, Zurich and Cape Town, we are in a position to connect our clients to growth opportunities across the globe through business development, market expansion or strategic investment. Over two decades of developing solid business relationships means that we can create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships for our clients.